We all have the same component parts that make up the singing voice, but everyone’s voice is different – and as such, everyone’s vocal needs are different.

Gareth draws on a variety of different teaching methods to design specific, tailored guidance to meet each student’s particular vocal needs.

All styles and genres – Musical Theatre, Pop/Commercial, Rock, Opera, Classical, Jazz, Folk, Country.

All ages and levels of experience.

Gareth provides specialist help and support in all areas of voice training, including:-
  • Correct and efficient vocal technique
  • Safe and healthy voice use
  • Technical problem solving
  • Achieving clear tone
  • Passaggio / ‘breaks’ in the voice
  • Breathing
  • Range extension
  • Changing between musical styles
  • Diction and vocal clarity
  • Belting
  • Finding ‘your own’ voice
  • Stylistic and dramatic interpretation
  • Audition and performance preparation
  • Building a repertoire

For more information, to book a lesson, or to discuss any aspect of your vocal needs, contact me at [email protected]