“I’ve known and worked with Gareth for many years and he has helped me build and shape the voice I use today. After an accident left me with severe muscular damage and no voice at all, Gareth was a key part of my rehabilitation, working patiently with me, teaching invaluable techniques and exercises that got me back into shape and ready to sing 8 shows a week once more. He’s a delight to work with, has a wonderful way of explaining things in a relatable manner, and makes you feel comfortable enough to play and explore, getting great results. I cannot recommend him highly enough!”

Ashleigh Gray (West End Musical Theatre Performer/Singer)

“Having sung for many years, I have had singing tuition from many teachers who have very different techniques. During a period of vocal exhaustion I went to see Gareth who completely changed my outlook on technique and showed me exercises which truly have dramatically improved my warm-up style and vocal ability for the better. I continue to use his techniques and would highly recommend fellow singers to see him!”

Louise Dearman (West End Musical Theatre Performer/Singer)

“I can’t recommend Gareth highly enough as an engaging, skilled and patient singing teacher! As a professional classical singer, I took the opportunity to undertake some CPD with Gareth, looking at vocal technique for musical theatre. The sessions were very enjoyable, highly useful, and – as a singing teacher myself – have informed how I train my students when they sing in this style. Several of my singing pupils also worked with Gareth directly this year and found their lessons both enlightening and inspiring.”

Anna Bolton (Singer/Singing Teacher)

“I started singing lessons with Gareth after attending a few of his excellent voice workshops. I’ve sung professionally for years but have struggled with my passaggio for as long as I can remember. After only a handful of lessons using straightforward exercises and detailed feedback I am now finally making progress with this, and I can’t tell you how relieved and excited I am to be able to slide through registers. Gareth is a totally approachable and knowledgeable teacher. I would absolutely recommend him to other singers.”

Laura Morrell (Singing Teacher)

“With Gareth’s technique you hear dramatic results vocally very quickly – which is amazing for me, as I found with previous teachers I went time after time and didn’t really notice much change, which was frustrating. I kind of felt I was just plodding along without any goals. With Gareth I look forward to my lessons, and feel positive that I can achieve anything. Also I find he explains all the technical lingo about how the voice works, and where the parts need to be in order to create the sound really clearly and simply so you are able to understand, rather than you feeling like it’s being explained in Russian! I like the constant involvement in the lesson, and being asked how a certain exercise felt vocally – it makes you constantly aware of where you are placing things. I would highly recommend Gareth.”

Chloe Taylor (West End Musical Theatre Performer/Singer)

“I found Gareth after attending one of his online vocal workshops. I was so impressed by the quality of the workshop I sought a lesson or two with him to improve my midrange. Three months later and I never thought I’d dive into so many aspects of my singing! I’m so happy with the improvements made during my time with Gareth. He is an informative, inspiring and encouraging tutor – creating a safe space for the development of my singing voice.”

Ainjiel Clark (Singer/Choir Leader)

“Gareth has the incredible ability to take many years of complex vocal knowledge and break it down into easy attainable steps. His easy-going and friendly manner helps to digest the difficult stuff, creating an environment in which it’s safe to play with the inner workings of the voice under his careful and accurate guidance. If you’re looking to truly understand your voice, then Gareth is the go-to guy.”

Fraser Leigh Green (Musical Theatre Performer)

“Loving my lessons with Gareth! He is really helping me get to grips with technique, highlighting all the areas that I need to address to become a more accomplished singer. I should have found him years ago! He is brilliant at explaining how the voice works, how to make the necessary adjustments to what I am currently doing, and I’m thrilled to be making good progress after only a couple of lessons. I’m really hopeful that he is going to help me make big changes and I’ll eventually have the voice I’ve always wanted.”

Alx Leeks (Singing Teacher)

“Through working extensively across the UK, Europe and America as a Musical Theatre actor, I have worked with some of the finest vocal coaches in the world. Gareth Ellis is amongst the finest. Both stylistically and technically he has been invaluable to my work, my practice and my vocal health”

Richard Colvin (Singer/Musical Theatre Actor)

“I have had a fair bit of training and when Gareth was recommended to me through a friend I expected the lesson to be very much what I was used to – the same old exercises and methods. Little did I know that my technique was going to be transformed. I have only had a few lessons with Gareth so far and already my voice is sounding clearer and I am feeling more confident that when I open my mouth to hit a high note, it is going to come out every time. I would recommend Gareth to anyone who wants to simultaneously improve their technique whilst working on new material for auditions/shows.”

Millie Dunne (Singer/Actress)

“Following a few years away from the theatre profession, my voice didn’t feel as reliable as it had done previously. I was struggling to get to the top end of my range without massive exertion and had been experiencing difficulties switching between musical styles. By the end of our first session, Gareth had identified a number of unnecessary actions that I was adding to the process before I’d even made a sound. These same issues were affecting my voice in everyday speech. It was an amazing relief that rather than needing to do more, I was able to produce a much better sound with less effort – and I was enjoying singing again! Through the exercises he’s given me, I’m really looking forward to applying a more efficient approach to the new repertoire that we’ve been able to work on.”

Mark Ralston (Musical Theatre Actor)

“I was introduced to Gareth by one of the West End’s top Casting Directors and I’m so grateful! His broad range of expertise in vocal range, technique, strength, style, audition preparation and repertoire are second to none, and it’s easy to see why he’s one of London’s most sought after and gifted vocal coaches. Gareth’s relevant professional experience in the industry means he knows exactly what Casting Directors are looking for and he will fine tune any audition piece to perfection. And to top it all off, his lessons are fun – I always leave with an adrenaline high!”

Gemma Leigh Cocker (Singer/Dancer)

“Genius. Completely changed my approach to singing. Thank you.”

Lauren Hart (Singer)

“Gareth is a very accomplished vocal tutor that I would highly recommend! He has a very successful career as a West End MD working with top professionals, however he maintains a fun and informative teaching style that would benefit both amateurs and professionals alike!”

Helen Washington (Choir Leader)